BBI lvl 2-3 weapons and armor

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Hello everyone this is going to be long sorry

i'm going to get to it if anybody already has all the weapons and armor they want and just happens to have extra BBI lvl 2-3 weapons or armor i would really appreciate it if you could either gift them or i can try and trade something who knows i may have something you want lol

Also a white hawk cape and swordsman cape would be great don't have to be enhanced i can do that just can't buy them because i didn't do the quest with that merchant in the tunnel when i was supost to now he isnt offering it anymore and i don't want to do a NG++++ because i finally got selene to be taken by the dragon lol

I'm not a maxed out player or a beginner only lvl 140+ atm but i gift all my extra gear i dont use, to any lower lvl pawns who ask to borrow my pawn (via friend request) i help anyone who asks not a mooch just got tired of getting the wrong crap (gloves when i need chest piece or staff for mage instead of sorc) when i purify the loot.

Anyways i have been looking around for a forum and a friend pointed me here figured i would ask.

just to be clear i do not want to be given something you need only if you have extra because i don't want people getting mad over a game,

Raging about "This guy just wants my stuff i worked hard for!" lol nope just want your scraps :P

Also shout out to Karathrax and Meralonne for letting me use their pawns for free saved my butt in BBI tons of times and Draken was the only one alive to help me kill the Daimon (in its i guess release form the one with the stomach head lol)

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@section8dude: forgot to add


Pawn: Alice sorc lvl 140+ utilitarian challenger