Anyone have a spare Abyssal Set and some other stuff PS3 (please read)

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Hi, I hate to ask for this stuff, or want to sound like I'm begging but I really could use help/getting the abyssal set and a few other things. I recently moved and my ps3 was taken in the move. So anyway I had to start over again 3 months later and I just bought the dark arisen game, beat the original part of the game again but I am just having a ton of trouble getting things I had before. Abyssal set, a good bow, dark lorica, heavens key and the beowulf mask. If anyone has any spares of any of that stuff could you help me out at all? If you can send a message on here to let me know. Again thanks and sorry for asking for this, if anyone can even help out at all.
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i can get u a heavens key just gime yo pawn info and ps3 gamertag