Abyssinal armor set

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Hello everyone. I have a quick question about this set. Is it true that you can only get this set from the online ur-dragon? I hope it isn't because I would really like this set but there is no way I can kill a online ur-dragon. If it is true, then I hate to ask but can anyone gift me a set on Xbox please? All I have to offer is a spare Heaven key.
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Yeah, you can only get it by killing the online Ur-dragon. I'm sure there are lots of people who have an abyssinal armor set to spare. If you have Dark Arisen though, the armor you eventually get by going to Bitterblack Isle is stronger than the Abyssinal btw.
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Cool thanks, yea I do have Dark Arisen but I haven't got far yet. Ran into a Drake the other day, bloody thing is harder then ur dragon lol. I also have another question about my pawn please. I'm running really low on RC and no one is hiring my pawn, does she have crap kit / stats etc? On the status screen it says: Level 81 Mage Offenses - Primary: Strength 349 ( 220 ), Magick 1175 ( 400 ), Stagger power 288, Knockdown power 288, Element Holy. Defenses - Defenses 374 ( 158 ), Magick Defenses 672 ( 391 ), Piercing res 32%, Striking res 38%, Stagger res 55%, Knockdown res 55%. Elemental res - Fire and Ice 30%. Debilitation res - Poison 38%, Possession 28%, Skill Stifling 35%, Petrification 48%, Strength and Magick lowered 42%. Skills - Primary - Ice, Fire and Holy affinity. Secondary - High Anodyne, High Frigor and High Comestion. Her items are: Volant White, set of Queen's clothing and Magick Bowman's ring, Mystic Knight's ring. On the Equipment screen it say's I have Strength 349, Magick 1175 for primary and 220, 440 for secondary, While my Defense and Magick Defense is 374, 672. So is there something wrong with my pawn that I can correct so people hire her?
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The rings you said you have equipped on your pawn are useless on the specific pawn. Magick archer and Mystic Knight rings offer abilities for said classes. Those rings would only be of benefit to you if you were a magick archer or mystic knight. Sometimes Pawns are unlucky. I have a level 200 pawn that got hired only a handful of times in his whole career, but his stats are all over the place. My second, magic focused pawn has been getting a lot more rentals. Was your pawn a mage from the beginning? If you want to build a stronger pawn (magic stat wise), I'd recommend leveling them up as a sorcerer. If you search the dragon's dogma wiki, there is a chart that you can look at so you can build your pawn's stats the way you want them to. Also, the queen's clothing is weak, unless you haven't found any armor stronger than that for your pawn, though I doubt it since you're level 81. Unless the multible enchantment skills are working out for you, I'd also recommend you equip only one type of weapon enchantment skill on your pawn. I personally never hire a mage/sorcerer that has more than one (ex. holy affinity works best on the Ur-Dragon, so I only hire pawns that have holy affinity and not another affinity skill). But that's a personal preference, I don't know if many other players prefer it like that as well. Other than that it's pretty much luck. But, if you don't rely on pawn rents like me, the other option is to just go to Bitterblack isle. You get tons of rift crystals while fighting enemies there and looking through chests. I'm guessing you need RC to purify the cursed gear you find while there, so you'll eventually have enough RC for them.
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Them rings my pawn is using are the only rings I got at the moment, I mainly use them because it say's they have 3 defense and magick defense on them. Yea my pawn has always been mage, i mainly want her for heals and buffs. I thought having all the enchantment skills would mean if I came out against a zombie my pawn would buff my wep with fire or holy whichever one works best? Queens clothing is also the only items I have for her at the moment. I only rent one pawn which costs about 17k RC. It's all the cursed items and rift stone repairs which i need RC for. Thanks for all the information. I'll take a look at the wiki.
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Hi everyone, I'm interested in getting a full set of Abyssinial armor. I just lost all my dragons dogma dark arisen data, it got corrupted somehow and I had to start back at square one again. I had a lvl 162 character, and was on my way to fight the UR-Dragon. Any help would be awesome and well appreciated very much. I'm on PS4. PSN Jsm3706. Thank you all.