man if only people made this kind of stuff...till then we wait for the next one...

User Rating: 9.5 | Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry no Wonderland GBC
lets begin on some graphicsal notes. the gbc was a brand spankin new console one that featured COLOUR GRAPHICS!!!! now gamegear (sega) was beter graphic wise. but it came later. now eniz hadnt put a ton of commitment down on this, first off dragon quest 1+2 was released first, and it featured literally ports of nes graphics NOT GBC TOP OF THE LINE GRAPHICS. now the point for all of this is that the graphics in this game are the way they were because of budget, they already had most of them monsters done from the first port...and well face it a new game never has a huge budget. all in all graphics wise this is not the best for the console but its an exception as it makes up for it.

wow this game kicks some a$$, ive never found a better bredding and skill set system EVER. some will say that this is jsuta knock off of pokemon , which it was enix wanted to proove they can out do what nintendo did ( nintendo madea better rpg known as pokemon and wanted it to be a better RPG series than FF). nintendo failed but altered the situation with crystal (but thats not our story) with its better looking NES ported graphics featuring more colors. no on a final note ive palyed this game limitless beat it at least 2 time now and still ITS NEVER OLD your party is almost never perfect and ur enemies are always tough. hence the "elite 4" are always gaining levels another thing is they take the same properties of ur monsters and make an even fight for you. If originals are this good its hard to top them, this was a slight incoming like the "demo" of the cobi and tara series. or cobi and tara we an add on idea to others i my self have never played the cobi and tara series.

ok ya its lame its beep-ity bur hell if this was full orchestra it would be godly. the only slightly annoying music is the battle music, probably out of its own simplicity to fit all scenarios. Even if, all music in this is an epic-win and would be even more so because if the gbc didnt have a crap music processor

Do i need to say any more? it is the definition of replay it is so amazing and some thing is different ever time. ur still lack of knowledge and expertise on this amazes me. the best thing is that the maps change NEVER DO YOU FIND THE SAME MAP!
Now to some people *cough-pokey-freaks-cough* thats a monotone whooo but really u cant pull the same bag of tricks on the same people. That is why pokemon fails to beat this ageless classic, because it has a better style ever time you play it.

ending: now ive never been a fan of the dragon quest series mostly because i love monster collector rpgs wayyyy more. so dont judge me there. but i will say some things. this game could have been wayyy better. but it has a lack of features you see...after all when your maps are to big for the screen you may want to be able to look everywhere. now i play this on a hacked psp now heres the thing if this were to be an actual psp game adding a bit more plot and charater to poor old terry this game would be absoloutly the best, but im sure we can find a small error some where no matter where we go. but seriously this is the kind of game u make remakes of. because its never perfect but people find it amazing anyway.