Dragon Warrior I & II Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Rename Characters

    To rename the prince and princess save your game and rest. Press continue to go to your files. Put your arrow next to the file you want to have their names changed and for the prince Hold left & Select & Start and then Press A. Then rename your character. For the Princess hold Right & Select & Start then Press A.

    Contributed by: Mikeofreak 

  2. Get Lucky in Dragon Warrior 1

    You know that girl that just follows you around in tantagel town? well get her to follow you then go to an inn and get a secret message from the innkeeper.

    Contributed by: Runeman02 

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Dragon Warrior I & II Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Borrow the Sword of Destruction attack power to Falcon Sword

    At the gate of Hargon's Castle equip the Falcon Sword & take the Sword of Destruction in the Hero inventory too. Walk into the castle. In the castle it look like Midenhall, then equip the Sword of Destruction & you will cursed. After that use the Charm of Rubiss, then you will change the equip weapon automatically back to Falcon Sword. But the attack power in the battle will equal the Sword of Destruction. Ex. Hero lv.40 hit with Falcon = about 60-80/turn = 120-160 total Hero lv.30 hit with Falcon + SOD (Sword of Destruction) power = about 85-125/turn = 170-250 total plus the high % of critical from SOD if you luck enough to critical twice ~ 280-320 total

    Contributed by: Hand_some 

  2. Rename the Prince and Princess

    To rename the Prince (2nd character) to whatever you want,
    start the game up, then choose to Continue an Adventure. When you are at the ''file screen'', put the cursor to the left of the file you want to change the name.

    Hold the directional pad to the Left and also hold the Start button and push the A button with them still held down. A naming prompt will then appear for you to enter in
    the new name.

    To change the name of the Princess (3rd character), put the cursor to the left of the file you want to change her name in, and this time hold Right on the directional pad along with the Start button, and then press the A button while still holding right+Start. A naming prompt will then appear for her.

    You must have the Prince in the party for the code to change his name work, and the same for the Princess.

    Effect Effect
    Hold Left + Start and press A Rename the Prince prompt appears
    Hold Right + Start and press A Rename the Princess prompt appears

    Contributed by: Red Scarlet 

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