Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs Cheats For PC

  1. Get More Iron, Corn, etc.

    While playing, right click the number of the item of which you want to increase. Right click it to get 5000 every time you click. no typing needed.

    Contributed by: skinnyboy2448 

  2. Cheat Codes

    Press return, and enter the cheats:

    Effect Effect
    {ineedopenallstory} All Levels Unlocked
    {birth_ex} All untis being built are instantly done
    {ineedswin} Animals
    {ineedhelpme} Auto-play by CPU
    {ineedown} Disable Auto-play
    {ineedall} Get All Items
    {ineediron} Get Iron
    {ineedmeat} Get Meat
    {ineedrice} Get Rice
    {ineedwood} Get Wood
    {superman_ex} God Mode
    {levelup} Increase Level
    {speed_ex} Increase speed
    {ineedclear} Kills all living things on the screen
    {hlylevelup} Laborer has maximum speed and HP
    {rain} Make weather rainy
    {levelmax} Maximum Level
    {skill_ex} Put more Officers on the map
    {rain_ex} Put rain in the sky
    {ineedopenfog} Remove Fog
    {ineedsuperpower} Ruler and high officers now have special powers
    {screenshot_ex} Take Screenshots
    {dayandnight_ex} Toggle between Night/Day
    {add_speed} Units/upgrades will be done more quickly
    {fps} View Frame Rate

    Contributed by: MT0, Hammerite Heretic