Old school JRPG with a charm.

User Rating: 7.5 | Dragon Quest V: Tenkuu no Hanayome DS
DQ5 is the second of the Zenithian trilogy to be remade for the Nintendo DS. It's a pretty good JRPG with the old school nostalgia of grinding, which has not lost it's charm.

There is just one small nuance that troubled me, and that was the occasional grammatical errors (which may or may not have been intentionally made). Regardless, the errors were still dreadful to read, but it did not hamper my gameplay at all. (Just a nuisance).

The game's length is mediocre, topping at around 20 hours (mostly to finding and recruiting monsters). Apparently, looking around a bit I found out that this game was the precursor to the popular series' of pokemon, digimon and any other game that followed which had monster hunting.

Overall, the game is solid and should be a joy to play. There's a bonus dungeon after you beat the game (which lets you save once you beat the final story boss).