DQ V is a very solid and nice looking remake, but the old-school gameplay can wear on you if you're not a huge fan.

User Rating: 7.5 | Dragon Quest V: Tenkuu no Hanayome DS
Having recently finished the DS remake of Final Fantasy III, I was excited to try the Dragon Quest IV and V remakes. The DQ IV remake was decent, but was _very_ old school so after about 8 hours I burned out.

With DQ V I was hoping for a little more depth, variety, and "modern" gameplay -- again, I don't have the 90's history with these games, so there's no nostalgia in it for me.

Well, sadly, it's more of the same -- a very good game, but the dated, grinding-oriented gameplay just wore thin for me. It does offer some good world/dungeon/quest variety, like FF III, but requires a _lot_ more grinding than FF III to keep your characters up to snuff for new dungeons.

The good:
* Very colorful and artful graphics. The sprites are tiny, but extremely detailed and very well animated. Some people have complained about the environments, but I found the large 3d castles and dungeons to give the game a great sense of scale and an epic feel.
* Good, engaging story with some nice twists.
* Good variety in the major quest sections.
* Good, cinematic musical score.

The not-so-good:
* The sprites in the game map are very, very tiny. You again feel like you're playing a "Gameboy HD" title instead of a modern game.
* Lots of grinding required -- you'll spend a LOT of time just wandering the overworld to grind your way up in level, otherwise the dungeons will kick your butt. As such, you'll fight the same monsters dozens, if not hundreds, of times.
* Some tedious backtracking to previous areas to complete quests, which is made all the more tedious by you hitting another dozen random encounters against wussy monsters.

Overall, I think they've done a lot with the basic JRPG concept to make it as fresh and fun as they can. It just wasn't enough for me, personally. But for fans of traditional JRPGing, it's a very good game.