Any hints on improving my team?

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Damage Dealer Estark + Cap Crow + Champion + Hypnotist Magic User Orgodemir + Bang e Crack III + Confusion Ward + Uber Agility (or change to Agi Boost III) Healer Gem Slime + Cure-All + Defender + ???? Both Estark and Orgodemir got Double Trouble, what can be used as a third skill for my Healer? are the other two ok with those skills?
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Dude you shouldn't take away Estark's 'Estark' Trait. It ruins the monster and somewhat make it look non-legit. Make sure your team has the abilities they should have. (use you library, only discard that ability if you found something better like say Darkonium Slimes' Fire II you could just turn that into a III.) Other than this I don't have anything else to say right now. :P ---- My Dragon Quest team. Lvl. 99 Gem Slime +14 Lvl. 50 Estark +2 Lvl. 75 Zoma+5