Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    There are 36 Bronze Trophies, 11 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy

    Collect a large amount of accessories Accessory Mania
    Collect all accessories Accessory Master
    Created accessories with alchemy 100 times Alchemaniac
    Create an accessory with alchemy Alchemy Challenger
    Obtain all trophies Become a Legend
    Rescued the town of Labatour by defeating the monsters in the colosseum Benefactor of Labatour
    Save the village of origins from the monster attack and obtain the Holy Dew from the Ancient Spirit Tree Blessed by the Spirit Tree
    Total amount of gold collected equals 500,000 Captain moneybags
    Achieve a huge success when creating an accessory with alchemy Celebrity Alchemist
    Defeat Helmud and repel the legendary monster at the dimensional island Challenger of Darkenss
    Have performed 300 continuous hits on enemies Combo Master
    Perform a total of 100 critical hits Critical Hit Expert
    Protected the Kingdom of Elsaze's Castle & town by defeating the dragon Elsaze's Captain of the Guard
    Defeated the monster onslaught protecting Yggdrasil Emerging From the Darkness
    Max out your equipment bag Equipment Collector
    Collect a large amount of weapons and orbs Equipment Mania
    Collect all weapons and orbs Equipment Master
    Maxed out the stock of Hoime Stones Expert Healer
    Meet and befriend many monsters Friend to Monsters
    Defeat a Hagure Metal Hagure Metal Hunter
    Saved the dwarven town of Dowdokia by defeating the monster that appeared in the large church Liberator of Dowadokia
    Maxed out your material bag Material Collector
    Collect a large amount of materials Material Mania
    Collected all material types Material Master
    Total amount of small medals collected equals 200 Medal Mania
    Rescued the magical town of Coutruda by defeating Gigantes Messiah of Coutruda
    Defeat a Metal King Metal King Hunter
    Defeat a Metal Slime Metal Slime Hunter
    Met and befriended every monster type Monster Collector
    Fight and defeat a large number of monsters Monster Exterminator
    Fought and defeated every monster type Monster Hunter
    Defeat over 10,000 monsters Monster Killer
    Max out monster ally slots Monster Tamer
    Mastered all basic combat techniques Novice Captain of the Guard
    Defeated Shamda and brought peace back to the world Protector of the World
    All characters received a puff-puff Puff-Puff Master
    Complete a large amount of quests Quest Mania
    Completed all quests Quest Master
    Pass the trial at the shrine at the bottom of the sea and obtain the True Power of Light Receiver of Strength
    Met with the goddess on the top floor of the Tower of Light Revelation of the Goddess
    Have found over 40 locations for use with Rura Rura Master
    Saved the elf village of Shera by defeating the monster invasion Savior of Shera
    Save Yggdrasil from the engulfing darkness with the Holy Dew Savior of Yggdrasil
    Reach lvl 50 for all ally characters Seeker of Strength
    Fought and won 50 times in treasure map shrines Seeker of the Shrine
    Perform all ally special attacks Special Attack Master
    Perform a total of 1000 special skills/spells Special Skill/Spell Expert
    Challenged and won against all the strongest enemies Strongest of the Strong
    Charged tension and reached super high tension (100) Tension Charger
    Save data playtime is 30 hours Veteran Warrior

    Contributed by: DragoniaX2000 

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Awarded for creating a total of 100 accessories by alchemy. Accessory to Alchemy
    Awarded for attempting to craft an accessory with alchemy. Alchemist's Apprentice
    Awarded for achieving your first alchemical sweet success. Alchemy Aficionado
    Awarded for obtaining every variety of accessory. Avid Accessoriser
    Awarded for completing a large number of quests. Avid Adventurer
    Awarded for recruiting every single species of monster minion. Beastmaster
    (no description) Clinical Trialist
    (no description) Colossus of Colissea
    Awarded for stringing together a combo of 300 hits or more. Crème de la Combo
    (no description) Daylight Saver
    (no description) Defender of Dawnsholm
    Awarded for recruiting many different species of monster minion. Diversity Trainer
    (no description) Double De-Faulter
    (no description) Dragonslayer
    Awarded for collecting many different varieties of weapons and orbs. Equipmentalist
    Awarded for discovering 40 different Zoom locations. Frequent Flyer
    (no description) Fundamentalist
    (no description) Giantkiller
    Awarded for successfully unlocking every achievement. Glory Hunter
    Awarded for collecting a total of 200 mini medals. Gold Medallist
    Awarded for expanding your ingredients bag to maximum capacity. Greedy for Ingredients
    (no description) Guardian of Grannet
    Awarded for collecting a total of 500,000 gold coins. Halfpenny Millionaire
    Awarded for expanding your equipment bag to maximum capacity. Hardware Hoarder
    (no description) Heavy Hitter
    (no description) King Klanger
    (no description) Liquid Licker
    Awarded for completing a total of 50 challenges in the grottoes marked on mysterious maps. Map Maniac
    Awarded for obtaining each and every weapon and orb. Master at Arms
    Awarded for collecting many different types of ingredients. Materialist
    (no description) Metalworker
    Awarded for expanding your monster medal holder to maximum capacity. Minion Maximiser
    Awarded for defeating many different varieties of monster. Mixed Griller
    Awarded for defeating a total of 10,000 monsters. Monster Masher
    Awarded for collecting all manner of accessories. Ornamentalist
    Awarded for training all party members to level 50 or above. Personnel Trainer
    (no description) Puffington Host
    Awarded for obtaining the maximum number of Healstones. Really Healy
    Awarded for completing every quest. Restless Quester
    (no description) Saviour of Sylvea
    Awarded for clocking up 30 hours of play time in an adventure log. Seasoned Soldier
    (no description) Serial Skiller
    (no description) Tensile Strengthener
    Awarded for obtaining every available ingredient. The Complete Alchemist
    Awarded for activating every party member's coup de grâce. Tous les Coups
    (no description) Towering Achiever
    (no description) Treetop Trouncer
    Awarded for defeating every single species of monster. Variety Clubber
    (no description) Veteranarian
    (no description) Yggdrasil Rooter

    Contributed by: Nerthing 

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