Rocket Slime takes a twist on the DQ series, and while it lacks in many points, it is overall, just real fun because of

User Rating: 7.5 | Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime DS
While the Dragon Quest series is primarily turn-based RPGs, Rocket Slime takes it to the action-RPG realm and also adds a fun new tank battle mode. The game you could say is separated into two parts, the adventure mode, and the tank mode. The adventure mode is the heart and where you'll spend most of your time so it has some problems, but you're going to have lots of fun with tank battles which should make up for the medicore adventure mode.

Let's start with this unique game by going around its basic problems. The length is lacking here, as you'd expect from DS games. Will take about 15 hours to beat and the sidequests will only take a couple more hours. The difficulty is also extremely lacking, especially in the adventure part. You're not going to die at all in the adventure parts and while you'll get hit a lot, the bosses and enemies do little damage to your health. The tank battles are a lot harder but you will still rarely lose a tank battle. I only lost once in the game and it was because I made a careless mistake. Then again, in the tank battles, one mistake can kill you. But like I said, it overall isn't too hard.

The touch screen isn't used at all. I kind of wish it was though I don't mind it. The 2nd screen is used as a map and will be used for one or two bosses but that's it. The microphone also isn't used, so if you don't like the DS features, you'll like this game.

Now lets get into the Adventure Mode. In the Adventure parts of the game, you can stretch yourself to move fast like an attack and you can also use it to hit items and enemies in the air and then catch and carry them. Of course each enemy is different so you have to learn how to defeat each one, but each enemy, no, each boss as well as just about every item and enemy in the game revolves around this simple attack. There's an item that gives you an attack but you rarely find it and yah, there are no weapons, no power ups, no new attacks, and because of that the game can get repetitive and boring at times, but it isn't all that bad.

But what are all the items for? Well, now we get into part 2 of this game: the tank battles. The tank battles are easily the best part of the game. They are just plain fun. Basically, each cannon has HP and two cannons and supplies of ammo. You have to run to the ammo, hit it, catch it, carry it to the cannons, and thrown them in the top or bottom one. You'll want to go the same way your opponent does to negate their fire with your fire and so you're constantly looking at the top screen for where the ammo is going and which cannon to put your ammo in. It is real cool.

Obviously you can put any item in the tank and use it for ammo which is real cool, and each item has a different attack power and then some items have special abilities. You can also combine items to make more powerful items and the tank mode has tons of depth. You also eventually get to put other slimes into your tank to help you and as you may have guessed, each slime will do different objectives and have different abilities. Some will help put ammo in, some will go to your opponents tank and try to prevent them from firing.

Yes, there's another cool thing about the mode. While you'll want to load ammo and watch where your opponents ammo is going, you or your opponents can travel on the ground to the other cannon, or they can even shoot themselves to land into your cannon and sabotage it. Also, putting a tanks HP to 0 isn't defeating it, you simply expose its weak point. You then have to either shoot yourself into the cannon or run to the opposing cannon and hit it's weak point, although the enemy will obviously try to prevent you.

As a whole, the tank battles lack TONS of depth and are very very fun. Learning of ammo, how to combine it, what to do during the battles, what slimes, etc. makes the mode something you'll want to do. And don't worry, there are tons of tank battles throughout the game, as well as 2 bonus tank battles after you beat the game that are extremely difficult, yet fun.

The story is simple, bad guys stole the slimes and you're the last one left and while you try to rescue them you come across a giant tank which helps you use defeat the villain. The graphics are pretty good. It's all sprite stuff and pictures and it looks cool. The animation of some sprites is cool to see, and overall, I like the art style.

The music on the other hand can get repetitive. The game lacks different music and there are only two battle tank songs which can get annoying to hear since there are a lot of tank battles. The songs also can sound similar at times and I do wish there was more variety in the songs.

Overall, you're going to like Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, and for 15$, it is a STEAL! The length, difficulty, music, and variety may be lacking, but in all honesty, I play the game in my free time just to do a tank battle because they are so well done that I can't stop liking this game. Graphics are nice, tank battles are a blast, and yah, it seems like the bad outweighs the good from this review, but trust me, the adventure mode isn't that bad and solely for the tank battles, I recommend this game.