DQH:RS is probably the best DS game that no one knows about

User Rating: 8.3 | Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime DS
When I first heard about this game I was not very interested, but as great reviews just kept coming in its favor my interest grew. Eventually because of the drought of good DS games I decided to buy this. I am glad that I did. The gameplay is simple (the "A" button is used almost exclusively) yet amazingly fun. The tank battles are very fun, even if most are fairly easy. Overall it was a little too easy and slightly short, eith maybe 10 hours to complete and a max of 20 hours to get all 100 slimes (which is the ultimate goal of the game). But after completing this section of the game there is still a tank tournament to beat. Tank battles can be fought against your friends through multicart play and little mini-games can be downloaded by other DS' with singlecart. This game is very fun and ingaging and can be played in shorter bursts than many recent handheld games have started to become. To add even more replay to this game statues of all of the enemies can be obtained by sending specific amounts of each enemy back to town to help rebuild. Oh, and another neat aspect of this game is the humor that was put into it, the ending is especially ironic and funny. Hurry and join in the fight against the Plob!