dude seriously this game is ...amazing despite its small loss of features (which i hope they add later)its amazing

User Rating: 9 | Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime DS
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series( if there is one or if ive played them)

the thing with this game is that it is a game that will never get old ive beat this game maybe 4-5 times and i still always love it. Why? because this game dose about 5 things i love. 1 it uses the top screen a ton an thus makes it innovative 2this game has a drawing feature on it (great for little kids who want to play games but cant actually play them) 3it has a fun quirky plot tat is always fun and pleasurable to any age 4 the idea of an rpg with tanks for me was the best idea ever (i love advance wars and rpgs just look at my name) 5the characters are fun and happy just how rocket (main character) bounces around
the game could have been longer though other than that near perfect. and the feature of "make a tank" etc would be nice too.

genre score 9.3/10

overall the game features some great tricks on the DS (2 screen use ) and not on others (touch screen) but other than that this game is well over intact more like still usable.by anyone, and should too its fun original and new age all st the same time overall score is

9.0 /10 (a little off because i can only do 9 and the game lacks some graphics too