Game seems fun and carries the "Dragon Quest" title, but it gets boring and repetitive after a while.

User Rating: 7 | Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime DS
A slime that's out to save his town from another race. Woo-hoo.

At the start of the game, you're taught the only attack in this game: Elasto-blast. You blast into enemies/objects and make them fly high. You can then position yourself under the flying enemy/object to catch them, and throw them on to carts that runs through certain areas of a zone to send them back to town.

Why would you want to send enemies back to town? If you send 30 of one kind of enemy back to town, there will be a bronze statue of that enemy built in the museum; 50 and you get a silver statue; 100 and you get a gold statue. Also, if a statue is built, the creature/enemy will offer to join your battle tank crew (we'll get to that later). If this sounds like repetitive work to you, it's worse. Some of the creatures only shows in day/night, and some of them is extremely rare. You have to hang around in a zone just to let the time pass to get to the night time so you can catch some night time enemies, or have to reenter the zone multiple times just for the "rare spawn" enemy to appear.

Tank battle is fun at first, but it doesn't have much variaty. In a tank battle, you and your crew can throw ammos into one of the two cannons, which have different paths, to fire at the enemy tank, or infiltrate the enemy tank so they'll have a harder time throwing ammos at your tank. When a tank's hp reaches zero, you can then enter the "engine room" and elasto-blast the engine thing to destroy the enemy tank. If that sounds fun to you, you'll change your mind after three or four tank battle rounds. The only variaties in the tank battles are that you have more hp later in the game, and the ammos you get deals more damage; enemy tank structure and crew abilities are also different. How do you get ammo? That leads to my next paragraph.

All the item in this game can serve as an ammo, and each deals different amount of damage. You get items that deals more damage later in the game. In addition to picking up items and send them home, you can also use the game's alchemy system, which combine numbers of two items and make them into another item. To make more of the better items, you will most likely be going back to the same zone again and again just to get those items to use in alchemy. Thing is you most likely won't need to "farm" those items to beat the game, as it isn't difficult.

All in all, this game isn't that deep nor great. It has systems implemented that will consume your game time (make you farm items/monsters etc), but it doesn't have a great story or gameplay to back it up. If you like some light-hearted pick-up fun, then this game is for you. Otherwise, look elsewhere.