If you've been waiting on a DS action-rpg collect-a-thon, buy this game and rest easy. And if not, buy it anyway.

User Rating: 8.9 | Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime DS
Rocket Slime is an odd game. To tell you the truth, I've enjoyed all the past DQ main series games, but wasn't overly looking forward to this one. It looked far too cute even for me. And if you only go through the first ten minutes of the opening, you might say the same thing. Where Rocket Slime wins is in its gameplay though; incorporating mechanics from Zelda, Pokemon and of course the simple yet fun charm of Dragon Quest.

If you like collecting things you'll spend many hours with this game. The premise of the gameplay lies within the "elasto blast." You press the A button, pull Rocket in whatever which way you want to shoot him, let go, and he goes flying. Not overly exciting, eh? Well, once you hit enemies, items, slimes they too go flying and you have to aim yourself to catch them on your back. You then can carry up to three things to a Trans-Slimenian cart and drop them off and it all goes back to town.

Story? Um, well, the Plob (pun for Mob) has destroyed your hometown and taken all its 100 inhabitant slimes, besides yourself, #101, aka Rocket. Basically you run around breaking open chests to get your friends back and all the while carrying around enemies which you can return to your town to join you. Also you get various items... and you may think once you get a certain amount of anything you can just quit bothering with it? WRONG. Introducing... tank battles!

I wasn't looking forward to the tank battles when I heard about them, I was never a big strategy fan... but in the end, the tank battles have very little strategy involved. What you do is run around inside collecting ammo to fire at your opponent, all the while trying to decide which cannon to stick it in (probably the only strategy whatsoever). When the opponent tank reaches 0 HP, you move in and take out the heart of the tank. Now tank battles are the whole reason to collect other things beside your slime friends. Just about every item you collect you can either use as ammo or combine with something else in the alchemy pot to create better ammo. Also, when you collect 30 of each enemy type you can then use them as helpers in the tank battles. Once you collect 30 of every type of enemy, it doesn't have to stop there though, no. In the museum, once you collect 50, that enemy's statue turns from bronze to silver, and when you collect 100, it turns to gold. Not everyone will want to complete this, it's definitely unnecessary, but it's a task indefinitely for the completists (such as myself).

The game's dialogue is almost never without some kind of stupid pun within every sentence. Examples: "i've been eating too heartiblubbly" (heartably), "much obubbliged" (obliged), "bravery just OOZES out of you," "terriblubbly" (terribly), "the doc told me to watch my blub pressure" (you can figure that one out). I mean, they are all ridiculously bad, but that's part of the charm. Actually, it's all of it, because no one ever says anything too helpful or important, they're all only trying to prove they can speak weird. Gosh, you crazy slimes.

Some of the bad? The game is entirely too easy. The difficulty does somewhat increase as you move up, but it is never hard by any means. Even collecting all the slimes doesn't take too much thought. If you're the kind of gamer that really wants a challenge, you should probably turn this one down, but if you're the kind if gamer that can just grind and sit there for hours collecting things, this is the best game on the DS for that purpose.

Anyway, you could buy this game and enjoy the collecting and tank battles, but then you might start to use really bad puns. Nobody wants to hear that. So save yourself a few beatings, and skip it. If you don't mind a black eye or two? Buy it right now!