Initially fun, but got boring quickly.

User Rating: 5 | Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime DS
This game got boring pretty quickly. It was charming at first due to its light-hearted nature and bright colors, but the levels were too easy and the tank battles became more annoying than challenging. Finished the game without spending too many hours and to make it worse, the game only has 1 save file. After reading such great reviews, I expected a lot more.

Not sure how games are receiving such high ratings, especially by users. The game was fun for the beginning when everything was fresh and new so it gets a 5 and not above because the game gets boring. To "lengthen" the game, they give you these recipes to make special tank items and the recipes require players to spend lots of time repeating levels to get the "ingredients"/lesser items...not a good way to make it longer.