rocket slime is a great game for the ds. its a lot different from the rest of its series, which isnt a bad thing.

User Rating: 9 | Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime DS
the game is basically all about slimes. a gang of platyplunks stole all the slimes and destroyed the town, but they forgot u (why is a long story), and now its your job to rescue all the slimes, 100 in all.the games controls are very unique. you stretch to destroy enemies. now the game does offer some classic dragon quest monsters, i just dont think there is the main thing about this game are the rocket battles, i wont go into details but there really fun.

The Good: Tank battles are awesome, tank masters adds replay value, lots of tanks to unlock, basically anything you can pick up in your tank you can fire at the enemy alchemy is cool, lots of different kinds of ammo, u can have a crew for your tank which is a vital part to winning, u can have a lot of ammo in yourr tank at a time.

Bad: Music gets repetitive, slimes jokes are gay, not enough monsters, u cant unlock the angel tank (dammit)

All in all, a great game