A Solid DS RPG with lots of Slime Goodness.

User Rating: 8.2 | Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime DS
The DS has really lacked in RPG's, especially good ones. It's nice to see Square step up to the plate. Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slimes is a fun, "cute" adventure. You play the role of Rocket and your out to save all your Slime buddies. There are 100 slimes in total so saving them all won't exactly be a short trip. Not to mention there are a lot of other things to do along way. Gameplay is mainly an overhead style action/adventure similar to the original Zelda. There aren't any brain busting puzzles to solve to make your way through the worlds, but there a decent amount of area to explore and things to collect. You aren't only out to collect Slimes, but also items to use for the alchemy pot (after you acquire so many slimes it becomes available) and also enemies that become available for use in your tank after gathering 30 of a kind. The whole game isn't simply adventuring though, there are also a number of tank battles. These battles don't really vary in any way from each other, but personally I found them fun all the way through. Basically you get in a tank with 3 crew members of your choice and you battle an enemy tank. You use items you've collected or cooked up in the alchemy pot to shoot at the enemies tank and drain their HP. After their HP has reached zero you run over into their tank and then take it out at the heart.

There's a ton of these to do to collect all the slimes and on top of that after retreiving a certain slime you can enter a tank battle arena which features another 15 or so tank battles. The story isn't very deep, so hopefully you aren't looking for that. It's got a bunch of old Dragon Quest references and even some Final Fantasy ones so thats fun if you catch them. The sound is pretty nice. Just what you'd expect from a Dragon Quest games, features lots of the classical sounds actually. All in all I'd say it's a fun experience if you're looking for something to occupy some time (you know, since FF3 got pushed back TWO MONTHS.) It's got a lot of good material so check it out and enjoy.