Rocket Slime is a fun game at times overall was a slight disapointment

User Rating: 7 | Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime DS
Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime is just one of the few rip-offs of the Dragon Quest Series. You play as Rocket Slime who is in charge of saving the city of Slimania after the Plob invades. The player, while battling the plob, will have to save 100 residents of the city.

At its core there are only two gameplay mechanics to the game. The first part is on foot combat and platforming. It is here where you will find most of the slimes the player needs to rescue. The combat consists of power bashing into enemies and boxes which in turn hold the slimes that need to be rescued. The parts of the game when on foot were the funnest part of the game, and collecting 100 slimes isn't nearly as bad of a task as it sounds. The second part of the gameplay consist of tank battles. For the battles all the player does is collect ammo from around your tank and throw them into cannons to shoot at enemy tanks. Once a tank is defeated the player has to get out of their tank and bust the heart open of the defeated tank. It might sound cool, but the tank battles where the worst part of the game, and believe me, you will run into plenty of them along the way. The tank the player uses can be upgraded and supplied with better ammo, and even helpers can join in battle.

Rocket Slime really shines in the graphical and sound departments. The graphics are very good for the nintendo ds, and the colors are very bright and vibrant. This helps create a world in which the player can immerse themselves in. The quirky music will also grab your attention, and that only problem with that is the music will eventually eat out your ears.

Overall I found Rocket Slime to be good and worthy of a play through, but the game is not deep at all and can be finished within 10 hours. I got the game for 10$ and I would say it is definitively worth a shot at that price.