If you are looking for a good DS game that varies on tactics please may you check out my review.

User Rating: 9 | Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime DS
Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime is a great game. It appeals to me on all levels, for example when you get your tank you can choose your ammo and crew which appeals to me because anyone can try any tactics.
The game play is very repetitive in a tank battle but this is balanced out by the types of ammo and your crew. this game is good in its story line but it feels like a two year old game with races such as the plob and names such as Blabbo and Wiseguy.
When you are not in a tank battle the maps just feel so big with about 4-6 different maps.
One down side is that you can only save in your towns church. This could have been improved by making it so you could save in different checkpoints or in the pause menu.
One other down side is that this games isn't DS Download play for tank battles. It is download play for the gold coast challenge but that is just a mini game.
In conclusion this game is worth your hard-earned Dollars,Yin,Pounds or Euros and is a must have for most gamers.