A Highly Polished, Creative Video Game Experience!

User Rating: 10 | Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime DS

In this humorous R.P.G. experience, Akira Toriyama and Square Enix team up to deliver one of the most unique game experiences available on the Nintendo DS! What makes this game unique is the fact that it features three different elements; traditional platforming level tricks, recruiting different monsters or citizens to help you in boss battles, and having those boss battles actually be GIANT mobile fortresses that fight your OWN giant mobile fortress! To combat the mobile fortresses, you need to collect items that can act as weapons. As you level up and get stronger, you can also make your fortress and your weapons stronger. And it helps to make your fortress and your weapons stronger, because each mobile fortress is tougher to defeat than the last. This game does a really good job of taking the lowly Slime monster (which often appears early on in the normal "Dragon Quest" games as a WEAK monster) and turning him into a TOUGH, versatile hero! I would like to see MORE of these video games on the Nintendo 3DS in the future! Enough said, true believers!