Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime Cheats For DS

  1. Unlock the Schwarzen Tank for Tank Masters mode

    To unlock Slival's tank, the Schwarzen, for Tank Masters mode, you must first beat the final boss. Then, go to the place where you fought Slival on Mt. Krakatroda. Defeat him again (He will have 3000 HP) and you will unlock the Schwarzen.

    Contributed by: Pyro_SpoonMage 

  2. Unlock the Gott Schliemen for Tank Masters mode.

    To unlock the Gott Schliemen for use in Tank Masters mode, first, beat the final boss and rescue all 100 slimes. Then, beat the final round of Tank Masters mode (against Hooly and the Shogun).

    Contributed by: Pyro_SpoonMage 

  3. Unlock Tank: Giggles

    To unlock the Giggles tank for multi-card play, after saving Meggan, go to the northwestern house in the mid-part of town and talk to her.

    Contributed by: rock_lobster90 

  4. How to get the Nintendo Tanks

    To get the Nintendo Tanks, you need to enter a code in various places.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    At Forewood Forest, press A B A Y Y L R START. Bowser Tank
    At Ducktor Zids Shop, press A B Y Y X L R L L R X Y Y B A B B B A Y X X Y. Mario Tank
    At Ducktor Zids Shop, mash L and R really fast. No Tank (also refered to as Invisible Tank)

    Contributed by: PelicanMonkey 

  5. Unlock new tanks for multi-card play

    If you're in the church, punch down these buttons. (Unlocking these wouldn't hurt since you can't get these in regular battles, plus it'd be more fun :D)

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Y, L, L, Y, R, R, Y, up, down, select Knightro
    Y, R, R, up, L, L, Y, down, down, down, Y, Select The Nemesis

    Contributed by: Zystus 

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