Overhyped and not very good

User Rating: 5 | Dragon Quest Builders PS4

Game is getting praise everywhere with everyone saying it's like minecraft but with a story/sense of purpose. Being someone who liked the building/sandbox elements of minecraft but in the end lost interest because of the lack of purpose this sounded awesome to me. Since I saw the game was on a 20% discount on PSN store I decided to buy it. I already regret my decision.

Simply put, this game sucks.

I have NO IDEA why people are comparing it to minecraft, because other than the fact it has a blocky graphics style for the landscape and crafting it has nothing in common with it. The landscape is always premade so there are no new discoveries to be made. You can't swim or build bridges over water. You cannot build rooms that are bigger than a certain limit or roofs or multi-floor buildings because the game camera isn't designed for it (this MASSIVELY limits your creativity since it means almost all buildings will look exactly the same). Your buildings won't work unless they are build within very narrow borders where your starting base is located. YOU HAVE NO FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!

And that's not even mentioning other problems problems like the garbage combat and mediocre controls (X opens menu and O jumps? Really?).

I'm sorry, but this is just a yet another example of why I can't take mainstream game media seriously. It seems that as long as a game is at least semi-competent and belongs to a big franchise it will just automatically get an 8+.

Avoid this garbage unless you can get it very cheap.