Dragon Quest Builders 2 Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Moonbrooke Quick Level/Afk XPing

    Once you get to Moonbrooke and progress to get the Spike Trap recipe and can build them, lay them along the hallway East of the Bell Room, (there's a room to the South that has a bit of water in it and a bridge across it. Once the traps are laid along that hall area (up to where the mobs spawn if you like), just stand on the wall and the monsters will keep attacking infinitely (so long as you don't progress the story further) standing on the wall will keep proccing the wave of monsters every 10 or so seconds. The spikes will kill them easily and you won't take any damage. Your hunger doesn't go down if you stand still. You can level up to the island cap and do something else while it happens, it also makes for a great iron farming spot (if you didn't get the infinite supply from the Explorer Island).

    Contributed by: Xsase 

  2. Trophies

    1 Platinum, 6 Gold, 10 Silver, & 14 Bronze

    Awarded for completing the Tablet Targets in the Cerulean Steppe. A Steppe Ahead
    Awarded for defeating an enemy with a spin attack from the windbraker. Air Raider
    Awarded for setting sail from the Isle of Awakening. Apprentice Adventurer
    Awarded for earning all other trophies. Beacon od Builderdom
    Awarded for building your first room. Beginner Brickie
    Awarded for earning a total of 3000 gratitude points on the Isle of Awakening. Beloved Builder
    Awarded for discovering 65% of the recipes listed in the Builderpedia. Building Boffin
    Awarded for completing the Khrumbul-Dun chapter. Conqueror of Khrumbul-Dun
    Awarded for staying in the sea for two minutes. Daredevil Diver
    Awarded for discovering 35% of the room recipes listed in the Builderpedia. Dedicated Decorator
    Awarded for completing your first room recipe. Developing Decorator
    Awarded for escaping from Skelkatraz. Excapologist Extraordinaire
    Awarded for unlocking all of the Explorer's Shores. Explorer Extraordinaire
    Awarded for changing your appearance at a dressing table for the first time. Fledgling Fashionista
    Awarded for completing the Furrowfield chapter. Friend of Furrowfield
    Awarded for completing the Tablet Targets in the Green Gardens. Guru of the Gardens
    Awarded for defeating 20 super-strong monsters. Hardcore Hunter
    Awarded for discovering 50% of the items listed in the Builderpedia. Highest Order Hoarder
    Awarded for saving the world of illusion from destruction. Living Legend
    Awarded for completing the Moonbrooke chapter. Marshal of Moonbrooke
    Awarded for defeating five metallic monsters. Mercurial Magnate
    Awarded for completing the Malhalla chapter. Messiah of Malhalla
    Awarded for discovering 60% of the monsters listed in the Builderpedia. Monster Masher
    Awarded for solving 15 puzzles. Proficient Puzzler
    Awarded for obtaining a pet with the rarest colouration. Rare Breeder
    Awarded for completing the Tablet Targets in the Scarlet Sands. Sandy Grandee
    Awarded for surviving the slave ship. Shipwreck Survivor
    Awarded for taking 10 pictures in Snapshot Mode. Snappy Snapper
    Awarded for completing 30 Tablet Targets. Tablet Trailblazer
    Awarded for equipping a cursed weapon or piece of armour. Unwary Wearer
    Awarded for activating 12 naviglobes. Wizard of Warping

    Contributed by: Aeramis 

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Cheats For Nintendo Switch

  1. Island Expeditions and Echo Lute

    The "Infinite Resources" you unlock on Island Expeditions work on all work stations, even the story lands! It makes the story missions a lot easier, instead of spending time farming simple mats such as iron or wood. If you are having trouble finding certain resources on the scavenger hunt check list: Use the Echo Flute! It will point you to the nearest unchecked item, with the exception of any animals on the list, since they spawn the same as monsters. Some of the symbols can be a little confusing on the list and do not tell you what they are until you find them - the Echo Lute can save a lot of time and frustration.

    Contributed by: Canunja