One of the few games that ever made me want to throw my controller to the screen due to its insanely difficult opponents

User Rating: 8.4 | Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special PS2
A modified version of a certain board-game, Monopoly, Itadaki Street offers a complex, frustrating, yet very addictive gaming experience. It took me several hours to understand the game-flow (since my knowledge on kanjis was very very limited). But once i understand what the menus were, the game was - like i had said before - very addictive, though very frustating.

Just like monopoly, Itadaki Street facillitates couple of dices to determine the flow of the game. You advance through the board, buying property here and there, and enjoy riches from the rent your opponent gave to you whenever s/he lands on your property. Well, that was just the basic.

Unlike the old-school Monopoly where you mostly rely on the outcome of your dice (hence, luck), Itadaki Street was more of a treasure-management, you had the option to buy properties in itself, or investing on someone else's property and gain a percentage advantage from every rent s/he received. But, to say that what i had been written as what Itadaki Street is all about would be oversimplisistic as there were many tid-bits of rules that you'd need to comprehend in order to build a perfect strategy to win every board game. Alas, the AI was quite a challenger from time to time.

As an added value, in order to enjoy the Itadaki Street to its fullest, one must be familiar with one of Final Fantasy's or Dragon Quest's franchise characters (preferably both), as this game featuring most of the character from the series (in a chibi version!) as well as the landscapes, and BGMs which surely would be a nice treatment for hardcore fans of the series.

This game was undoubtedly sits among my most treasured collections of PS2 games.