An addictive and surprisingly good version of Monopoly.

User Rating: 8.4 | Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special PS2
For the first time, a game with both Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest characters has been released... and it's a puzzle game. It's not just a puzzle game, it's basically the classic Monopoly game - with a few extras. At first, Itadaki Street Special will confuse people who aren't familiar with Monopoly or Japanese, so the game is definitely difficult getting used to. However, just like in Monopoly, you will become addicted to the game soon after you figure it out, and will spend hours upon hours playing this game trying to get through the difficult stages. Basically, your goal is to improve the houses you buy and finish with the highest amount of money - and it's not nearly as easy as it sounds. You can drop from the first to the last place and waste all of the hours you spent on the game only because of a random roll of dice, you can take baby steps back to the bank, and you can get bankrupt in the blink of an eye. Yes, this game is very, very difficult. But some things about this game are so cute and charming that you just can't stay angry. The cute Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest characters, fun mini-games, classic Famicom cards and a lot of other things that just make the fans happy. That's right, this game includes a whole lot of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy - from new graphics for old characters to towns and castles (including Alexnadria or Midgar). This game also has a great selection of memorable Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest themes, but unfortunately there is no voice acting for any of the characters - but that's to be expected, since they actually mention the name you've chosen and can't actually pronounce it. The cutest thing about this game is that all of the characters are super-deformed (aka chibi), which gives a new, cool style to even the most serious characters. Overall, Itadaki Street Special is an addictive, frustrating, fun and long game which will keep anyone entertained, including non-Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest fans. Highly recommendable.