Steer clear of this game. Go buy Tenkaichi 3 or Budokai 3 if you want a good DBZ game.

User Rating: 1.5 | Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi PS3
Well what is there to say that hasn't already been said? The game's combat system just straight up blows. You might as well play heads or tails/rock, paper, scissors with your siblings or something. You hit an enemy with a few hits then are prompted to push a button. If your enemy pushes the same button then the combo is interrupted. Everyone's combos are the same too. The character creation is a good idea, but why can't I make a Namek? I don't understand why they even bothered to put in the mega moves like the spirit bomb or special beam cannon because you very rarely get to use them.

Tenkaichi 3 is still the best DBZ game in my opinion, and Budokai 3 is also a very good DBZ game too.

Honestly, all they need to do is this......Take Tenkaichi 3's roster and combat system. Take Tenkaichi 2's story mode (or Budokai 1's story mode). Take the custom move sets for standard characters like in Raging Blast 2. Take Ultimate Tenkaichi's graphics, character creation (add nameks and earthlings to it), and hero mode (nothing else from that game) and throw it all into one game. And for extra game modes, obviously have the tournament, and Galaxy mode from Raging blast 2. It would be beyond successful and the developers are to dumb to figure it out.