Standard character unlocks

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Does anyone have a list of unlockables for standard characters in hero mode
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Try searching for 'em, it always works.
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List of unlockables for standard characters in hero mode


Health +1

Health +5

Health +8

Health Enhancement (Health increase 11%)

Melee Attack +4

Ki Blast +8

Super Attack +1

Super Attack +2

Super Attack +3

Super Attack +5

Super Attack +7

Super Attack +9

Super Attack +10

Secret Technique Mastering (S. Atk 11%)

New Technique Enlightenment (S. Atk 12%)

Arcanum Traditions (S. Atk 13%)

Kongo (S. Atk and Ult. Defense 10%)

Flowing Stream (S. Atk and Ult. Defense 20%)

Mind's Eye (S. Atk and Ult. Defense 30%)


Earth Warrior Aura

Good Saiyan Aura

Super Saiyan Aura

Super Vegito Aura

Ultimate Gohan Aura- Defeat Gohan spar 13

Super Janemba Aura

Frieza Aura

Flame Aura

Blue Flame Aura

Aquamarine Flame Aura


Yamcha Type

Goku Type

Tien Type

Piccolo Type

Vegeta Type

Majin Vegeta Type

Trunks Type

Vegito Type


Raditz Type

Ginyu Type

#17 Type

#18Type appliance

Gogeta Type

Ultimate Gohan Type

Cui Type



Full Power Energy Wave

Full Power Energy Barrage Wave


Kaioken Attack

Kaioken Finish

x20 Kaioken Kamehameha

Meteor Combination

Instant Transmission Kamehameha

Meteor Smash

Meteor Blast

Super Explosive Cannon

Explosive Demon Wave -piccolo

Explosive Breath Cannon -piccolo

Hellzone Grenade -piccolo

Special Beam Cannon -Piccolo

Spirit Ball

Dodon Ray

Volleyball Fist

Galick Gun

Genocide Breaker

Dirty Fireworks

Double Galick Gun

Super Energy Wave

Volley Demonic Rush

Finish Buster - Trunks

Burning Attack -Trunks

Spread Finger Beam

Beam Sword Slash

First Strike

Final Revenge

Here's a Present!

I'm a Top-class Warrior!

Death Saucer

Nova Strike

Photon Flash

Infinity Bullet

Sadistic 18

Big Bang Kamehameha

I'm Here To Kill You

Death Chaser

Lock-On Buster

Silent Assassin 13

Super Destructive Wave


Ultimate Breaker


Super Explosive Wave

Spirit Bomb

Large Spirit Bomb

Super Spirit Bomb

Angry Kamehameha

Super Kamehameha

True Kamehameha

Light Grenade

Super Spirit Ball

Big Bang Attack

Final Flash

Final Explosion

Lighting Sword Slash

Final Kamehameha

Videl Rush

Final Spirit Cannon


Dynamite Pressure

I'm The One Who'll Kill You!

Non-stop Violence

Sadistic Dance

Stardust Breaker

Burst Rush

Meteor Burst

Super Nova

Fierce Combination

Ah! Lord Frieza!

Full-Power Big Bang Kamehameha