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Although i love playing Dragon Ball Z i get a little sick of them redoing the same thing over and over again calling it the best game ever when it really isn't. my idea for a DBZ game is this.

1: Raging Blast 2 gameplay: although i have never played any Raging Blast i've heard that the combat is a step up from Tenkaichi 3 and the gameplay videos look fun.

2: Improved custom character: for as long as i can remeber i've always wanted to make my own character to play with in the game. my dream ALMOST came true in Ultimate Tenkaichi. if it wasn't for the lacking options i might have enjoyed more. there wasn't even a gender change option. how boring.

3: Budokai 3 ultimate attacks: they were always fun to watch during a battle. each was different but with the same planet destroying explosion. i would spend hours playing with it to see the different outcomes of the tecnique. to ether get a huge explosion or a funny joke. (Hercule's ultimate attack)

4: Tenkaichi 3 character roaster: having almost 150 characters to play was not only fun but it also taught you about characters you didnt even know exsisted in the show.

5: Larger and fully destructable arenas: It was fun destroying entire citys while brawling aliens and it made you feel powerful to smash the other player through moutains. to have bigger and more destructable arenas would help add to the experiance. you could throw the other play farther and when your characters colided fists they would create craters in the ground. even building up your ki would crush the buildings around you like in the show.

6: Original Funimation voices: you know why.

7: Burst Limit story cutscenes: I liked the cutscenes from BurstLimit because the characters had actual movement animation renacting famous scenes from the show and not just standing around with lazy movement animation like in Ultimate Tenkaichi. they didn't even move their legs when they turned around.

These are just some of my ideas to make a DBZ game. if you have a better idea please comment.