Find it in your bargain bin? Do someone a favor. Buy the game, then destroy it. Actually no, just flat out smash it.

User Rating: 2.5 | Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu GBA
Now im here to finally revise my old review of this game from years back when I knew nothing of the fundamentals of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Now I do. So I'll start things off. This game sucks. I bought it full price. Enjoyed it for like two days, then realized that this game had almost no replay value whatsoever. The gameplay sucks. The graphics suck. Everyone has the same moves besides their specials, and there is hardly a selection of characters. And even the specials. They're terrible. They're hard to execute, and even when activating said specials, they end up being anti climatic to what you would expect.

I said something about replay value. This game has none. You can play this game for five hours straight. By then, you've unlocked everything. After that there's nothing to do. No point in continuing. Zero replay value.

I got lucky with this one. When I bought this game full price back when I was like 12 years old, I sold it to gamestop, and the resale price was $20 surprisingly. The only good thing I ever got from this game was the cool poster, though I wish It could have just said "Dragonball Z" without the Taiketsu slapped under the logo. Which is another thing. This game is a cheap cash in on the DBZ franchise. You'll play much better fighting games on the GBA, which also have the DBZ logo slapped on the cover. Dragonball Z: Supersonic Warriors is literally maybe five times better than this game, and that's an understatement.

Do someone a favor. Should you find this game, buy it, then smash it with a hammer. The gameplay is bad, the sound effects are terrible, and the visuals are total ass. Don't even play it.