doesn't deserve "dragonball z" in it's name

User Rating: 1 | Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu GBA
hmm where to start in this review ok i think i've made up my my mind.

Good stuff: I'm sorry there's usually lots of good stuff in a dbz game but this is just terrible maybe it's got a mediocre selection of characters but that's it.

Bad stuff: where to start the graphics are about that of a Super nintendo console but maybe that's a but harsh on the SNES utter pixelated crap. Next the moves aren't unique at all most of them are the same foot sweep and basic beam attacks and the voice quality sucks. The fighting grounds are mediocre because you can hardly see any detail but i think the makers thought the fighters would cover that up.

i don't even think the producers tried on this game seriously i'm a huge fan of DBZ but this is sickening

So basically do not get this game (i don't think it's on shelfs but don't ebay it :P)