DragonballZ Taikestu is probably like eating a pile of crap, you don't enjoy it at the start all through the end.

User Rating: 2.5 | Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu GBA
A very disappointing game, the only reason I wanted to play it was to try out the characters moves, but it isn't that all exhilarating. It actually p***** me off when I try to use their special move but end up punching or repeatedly jumping. Supersonic Warriors was waaaay better than this, the special moves are simple and the game play is fun, although the story doesn't go with the actual show. Taikestu's game play is as dull as s***, maybe they should of added flight instead of shooting the character off the screen and then making him jump on some guy. What's worse was that it had no story and it wasn't even challenging because you can just spam a few buttons.
One of the enjoyable things for me was unlocking new characters and attempting their special moves and the extra stuff like gallery, bios, settings and more.
Whoever thought of this game probably wasn't thinking about the process of making the game, but focusing on releasing it. What a s*** game.