Loads of fun for Dragon Ball Z fans.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai PSP
Dragon Ball Z on the go,an awesome idea brought to life for Dragon Ball Z fans by Atari and Dimps Corporation.First off,I gotta say how much I love the shell shaded look,its extremely well done.The Voice acting is also pretty good,you can also change the English cast voice acting to the Japanese voice cast,which Is a pretty neat feature.The Game's story line follows the "Fusion Returns" movie story line.Its pretty well done,but their are no cut scenes,all the conversations are in text.Still good though.The fights,ah,their epic.The combat system resembles the Budokai series very highly,actually they're basically identical to each other.You can pull off almost every single character's signature moves too.The roster is a reasonable size,I think theirs about 15 or more,I can't quite remember how many fighters there are,but theirs a good reasonable sized roster with all your favorite characters like Goku.Overall,Shin Budokai is a great PSP fighter,If your a Dragon Ball Z fan with a PSP,you should have this game.If your not a fan,but you want a great PSP fighter,get this game,you can probably find it for a reasonably cheap price now a days.