its dragonball z on psp, (wich for u idiots who gave this game a 1) is a handheld, so shutup farrukhs

User Rating: 8 | Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai PSP
this game is dragonball z for those who loved budakai 3 with less characters and no capsule system

this game is budakai 3 with a little bit of shortcommings, first there is no capsule system for those who loved collecting them, and there is no in game transforming like it used to be, u can only transform ONCE and only to the form u pick on character select screen. also there is no mode u go into where u turn red (forgot what it was called), but my biggest problem was when two people do an attack and there whould be a joystick battle to see who won, thats not in it

All the flashy stuff from the ps2 just MAYBE a little less flashy, like the aura wont be as big ect. but almost as good as the ps2 version, only time u can probly see the difrences is if u played both at the same time

THE BIGGEST disapointment, there is hardly any voice acting, only for the end of the fight the winner says a phrase. WOW, and what they say is crap, like " you are stronger than i thought" again, the worst part of the game, oh and also no narorator this time

Basically this game is ALMOST worth the money exept for the fact that there is only 18 characters, but almost all of them have unique attacks, so ya the back of the box lied or somwhere i read they all have unique attacks lied. the story is gonna take u a while to beat unless ur really really good and have no life, but for the rest of us its a reasnable amount of time for a fighting game, but after the game is done there is still the multiplayer that keeps tracks of your wins and losses, so turn the game off before u lose, and after u win so u can keep a good record to show your freinds at school

so bassically if u liked budakai 3 ull like this game, may not love it, but its worth checking out, for those who still arnt sure, wait for a price drop, and watever you do dont read farrukhs's review, the man was on his period when he was writing it, hes just angry cause theyre not making a barbie game for psp before his birthday, but dont worry maybe

"man its a kgklghkjhgkhfhfhghgfdhgkfdgjfdhfdghgr GAME ",,, man just shutup and stop pms-ing