Awesome dbz game why are you reading this go buy it!

User Rating: 9.8 | Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai PSP
The fighting is very fast paced makes it seem more like the anime it is the best portable dbz to date and if it wasn't for the lack of characters it would be on par with the console budokai's. people have been complaining about no duel mode
well you can go to training and set up a match where the life bars go down
you get to pick your character and level so what's the difference my only complaint is I wish they would of made it on-line not just wireless local. As for the finishing moves there's a different one for each (in battle) transformations the fighting is much like b3 but the quick special attacks are like tenkaichi and the story mode is well done except for the fact you have to read there is voice's during battle some ppl were asking about that . There is no free flying like tenkaichi it's getting knocked into the air like the other budokai's the graphics are on par with the console and the special attacks are very nice to look at . If your a Dbz fan
I would say your wasting your time reading this and should be at the store buying it .If your new to dbz or you just like fast pace fighting I would recommend this game.