Im Just Gonna Come Out And Say This! This GAME IS BETTER THEN TEKKEN!

User Rating: 9.5 | Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai PSP
Ok, I love this game. Its just so mutch fun. I got it yesterday and can't stop playing it. There are tons of different modes, but the story mode is amazing! Heaven and Hell have both opened and all of the bad guys come back to life for an amazing all out death battle. There are tons of twists and all the characters you love are in it. There are also different paths you can take, but you can go back and chose others later! The gameplay is amazing! There are tons of different attacks and its not impossible to do them. There are many transformations also and it makes for a great gameplay. There are 18 characters to chose from and you start out with 13. I have played a long time now but i still only have 15 characters. Thats cool because it make me want to still play to unlock more. There is also arcade mode, witch it the same as tekken. Then there is Trial witch has a couple different modes in it. There is survivial and time attack, and i think more can be unlocked as you play. There is also a player card thing that you can buy stuff for with zenie you win from fighting. You can make pictures and stuff and move all the things you bought to make a cool creation. You can use the player card to give to your friends when you play them online. It's only ad-hoc thou, but if you have a friend near you, the online play is great and you can trade your cards witch can later be viewed on the menu. There is also player stats and you can see all kinds of stuff about how you fight. I love this game a-lot and i am gonna buy another road soon because i herd it was just as amazing!