Really a fan only game.

User Rating: 7 | Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai PSP
Dragonball Z shin budokai is a game that very much meets the expectations. As one from the Dragonball Z series, not much was expected from the character individuality where each character pretty much played the same. One of the major disappointments was in the length of the game. I had gotten my game one day, and beat it completely in just three days (not playing more than 3 hours a day). The story mode was not good, the idea was, but the way it was presented was not attractive in the least. The dialogue was bland with nothing more than character cut outs and word bubbles.
The fighting style of the game, although it can very easily be mastered by button mashing, can very well get really in depth learning all of the attack combinations for one character, and mastering the timing of your instant transmissions and dodges.
Although it could have been done much better, it was still an enjoyable game, but more directed to the true Dragonball Z fans. To those who would have fun with the recreating of their favorite fights from the series.