shin budokai: another road is the story of trunks

User Rating: 7.5 | Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road PSP
shin budokai: another road is the story of trunks. majin buu has come to the future of trunks you have may way's in the story. you can get help for heaven with pikon and future gohan, or from goku and his friends in the past. not must has changed from the first bodukai game. in this story you have to defeat all the enemies that trunks never meet in his time but that goku defeated in his time like: cooler, broly, janemba and of course majin buu and all his transformation. its a great story and you can play also with the father of goku "bardock". the button press hasn't changed a lot from the first bodukai except the defense button. this game is alright for a psp game but I don't think that they have to make a new one. I think 2 DBZ games for th psp are more then enough, they have to concentrated on a game for the ps3