dragonball z for the gameboy :p

User Rating: 5.5 | Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors GBC
Dragonball z: legendary super warriors is my only dragonball z game for game boy. Its a 2D fighting game, it goes from the saiyan saga until the majin buu saga, the garlic saga is not in the game. Wean I first played the game I didn't now how to use a special beam like the super Kamehameha.
You have to power up or attack with the button press combination to use a special beam. You have a deck with 40 attacks and defends cards. like the gallic gun and the instant transmission. your enemies are mostly stronger and smarter then you, there attacks and defense are better then your. And mostly that is a little unfair. You don't have so much character in this game. the most famous are vegeta, goku, gohan, picollo, frieza, cell and kid buu. The negative points in this game is that the computer in stronger than you but the system with the attack and defense card is a positive thing.