Next gen dragon ball is very poor

User Rating: 4 | Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit X360
I was waiting for Dragon Ball Z burst Limit but when I play it I was very disappointed.This game is very bad.I know that the graphics is great but everything else is very bad.I've played DB budokai tenkaichi 2,3 in ps2 and wii and this is the real dragon ball but burst limit sucks when you played tenkaichi budokai.I wonder why namco bandai made it so poor??In tenkaichi budokai you have more then 100 characters and in burst limit you'd only have about 20.In tenkaichi budokai battle are in full isometrical throw and why burst limit don't have it.I even don't want mention story mode because in bl it's like joke.Why namco didn't made burst limit great as tenkaichi budokai series is??They didn't have much time or they wanted make an easy money. So I don't think this game is worth any effort if you played any of dragon ball game on ps2. Then you'll be very sorry that this dragon ball it's not good as temkaichi budokai 2 or 3. However if you didn't play any of db on ps3 you should check it.