User Rating: 2.5 | Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit X360
OK I have been waiting to get this game for almost 2 months now. When I picked up this game, I loved it...at first. The graphics were a little better than there Budoki 3 counter-part and the combat seemed slightly the same. Of course the story line hasn't changed, but in battle now, they show important parts of the story now, which was pretty cool at first, but when i wanted these battles over and done with, and the battle kept stopping for 10 to 40 seconds it started to get me angry.
Then I found out that there is only about 20 playable characters, and only 3 sagas. This just blew my mind. Budoki 3 had about 40 or 50ish characters and all the sagas not to mention the Tenkiachi series!! Overall this game about made me cry and was completely unsatisfied with it. Its sad that I am probably there biggest fan and have to say that, It is 2008 and they put this on a next-gen console....I'm saddened...