it's the best Tenkai.... No, wait! it's the best DBZ game Ever!!

User Rating: 8 | Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 PS2
Ok, I'll just get to the point of this review right now, this game is the best DBZ game in existence so far, now that I've said that, I'll tell you why.

First of all, the gameplay has been improved greatly, it's not as big a jump as Tenkaichi's to Tenkaichi 2's, but you can definatley feel the difference in the controls and the new combo's are awesome, and really fun to pull off, and this time around, not all the characters feel so generic, nearly all the characters have now got there own moves.

Now for the Story mode, the Story mode is definatley one of the greatest improvements so far, you definatley will feel more involved, this time around, your character, opponent and other people that were at the fight in the series will comment on your battle, for example, if Piccolo's at the fight and you slip up and get beaten around a bit, he might say, something like, you idiot, keep your eyes on your opponent! or if it's you kicking the enemy around (I heard this one during Gohan's fight with Cell) Krillin could say, hahaha, Cell fell on his rear, some of the comments are kinda funny, the only problem is, they are hard to hear through all the combat, so you might end up either running away to hear them, or you could read the subs, also, depending on your actions, the story can turn out differently, so, I think it's the second or third time you press R3 during the Goku V.S. Cell battle, but it will trigger a slug out, so if you win the slug out, R3 will pop up on the screen again and Goku will fire off his Energy Volley, and the fight continues until R3 comes up on the screen again, but if you lose the slug out, then a cut scene will automatically activate and Goku gives up like in the show, but Hercule will show up instead of Gohan, so you'll have to try and survive with Hercule until R3 pops up again, but if you win the slug out like I said before, then Gohan will come up right after R3 pops up after Goku's Energy Volley.

Next is Disc Fusion, you probally know how it works due to it being called Disc fusion, but I'll explain it anyway, basically, you go in to the Disc fusion menu and click on either Tenkaichi or Tenkaichi 2, then it will ask you to remove the Tenkaichi 3 disc and replace it with the Tenkaichi /2 disc, it will then read it and you then need to put the Tenkaichi 3 disc back in and now you can play there Ultimate battle modes, but once you've sturned off the console, the game will forget all about the disc fusion and you'll have to do it again.

Now for the Z point system, this time it's very different, you can buy Z items with your Z points at the item shop, but you can also use your Z points to level up your character, this doesn't work like it did in Tenkaichi 2, basically, it just increases the capacity, so you can equip more Z items, so far I've only leveled Goku (end) up fully, and he's now got 7 spots for Z items, I'm not sure if it's different for other characters, anyway, this time you have to be very strategic with your Z Items because if you add a Z Item, for example a + 3 Z item, it will take up 3 slots, so you might as well just add 3 + 1 Z Items.

Now for the World tour mode, this is basically your World tournament mode, and we now have 2 more tornaments to play in, the Other world tournament and the Yamcha games, the most annoying thing about these tournaments is, they all start at different times, and the difficulty is random, so if you want to play the Cell games on level 3 difficulty to unlock King Cold, you might have to wait until the Yamcha games start again, luckily, the first time I played the Yamcha games, it was on level 3.

The DragonBall's, this time around, you can collect the DragonBall's a lot easier, all you have to do is Dragon dash through or get thrown through the object it is in, so theres no more frustrating ground searching for the DragonBall which is aparently right next to you, and it also means your opponent can't grab it either, although if your opponent goes through the object that it's in, then they get it, anyway you can also win DragonBall's in the World Tour mode, it just depends what mood your in for collecting DragonBall's, anyway once you get all seven, and you summon the dragon, the dragon that shows up is completely random, so you could get Porunga, Shenron or the Black star Shenron, although, I noticed I only started getting the Black star Shenron when I beat the GT saga in Story mode.

Next up, Sim Dragon, this game is really fun, all you have to do is train up your character, but you can't use your custom characters, you have got 4 choices in this mode, Train, Explore, Rest and Senzu, if you choose train you can choose between offensive training, defensice training and all out training, but all out training rarley does anything good, so I don't reccomend using it unless you don't have musch to loose, next up is Explore, this could turn out good or bad too, if you bump in to the blonde Launch, she will take your points, but if you bump in to someone like Dende, he will give you advice, Bulma will take 10.000 points, to unlock some more battles in Ultimate battle, you can choose yes or no for this, and you can also play some mini games with Popop and Korin, once you have had your ten days of training, you will have a fight, once you win this fight you will level up and start traing again.

well, I think this review has given you a good idea of whats included in the game, and for those who think Tenkaichi is all about the number of characters, have you noticed that I haven't mentiones that in any of my review above, anyway just so you know, there are about 161 characters including transformations in total, anyway thanks for reading my review on Tenkaichi 3, see ya.