This is the best dragon ball z game of all series so i really do love this game and it's very worth trying.and i love it

User Rating: 10 | Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 WII
For me this is the best dragon ball game.It has good graphics i'ts fun playing it with your friends or alone even though the online mode is a bit lacked.But it's a very good game i love it.And i recommend this game for the kids to try it cuz it's very funny when playing it with wii-remote and nunchuck.And as i said for me this game is the best dragon ball z game ever that was playable for wii or ps2.For that i'm gonna give this game a 10.00 rating score because it really is fascinating and very funny like with the majin buu saga and with the good fsions oh and it has a very funny japanese language i mean it's so cool when goten and trunks say fusion ha in japanese i really love this game.and the fight between goku and majin vegeta it's fantastic you can check the trailer and you can see what a good intro it has but for me the best here will ever be VEGETA.