Classic DBZ Geared Towards People who actually Grew up Playing DBZ in the PS2/ Gamecube Era, but thier's a few issues

User Rating: 7 | Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection PS3
I'm one of the Teenagers that Grew up Playing DBZ Games during the DBZ/ Gamecube Era, and this game is Geared towards Classic DBZ Fans like me. This NEW Generation might not find this game as appealing, as my Generation may. Anyway this is overall a Fun Game to Play when your just in the crib chilling, and Kicking it with The homies, and if you happen to be a fan of Dragonball Z Anime series, or the Videogame series thier's a chance you might actually enjoy this game, but thier's also a chance you might get bored with it later. The Problem with this game 1st of all is that they left out Budokai 2 which in my opinion was the most Underrated of the series. Budokai 1,2, and 3 ALL had something to offer that made the game fun, and exciting to play, and a Downside to it that took away from the fun. For Example... Budokai 1 had The most realistic story mode, and captured the Intelligance and animations of the actual animated series Dilligantly, and the gameplay was Decent. The Downside was that The Ultimate Attacks absolutely SUCK in comparison to the Ultimate attacks in all the other DBZ Games, and it's a Royal Pain in the ass to get all The Breakthroughs, get the Dragonballs, and unlock everything. Budokai 2 (which for some reason they skipped) had the best Ultimate Attacks, and it's not that much of a Pain in the ass to unlock everything, and the Babidi's spaceship mode was Epic. the Downside is the Story Mode is kinda weird, and unrealistic, and things happen in the story that did not happen in the actual series *Laughs*, but I still wish they had put Budokai 2 in the game, and it's very dissapointing to me. Budokai 3 had the Sickest Graphics, and animations, and had the most fun, exciting, and enjoyable Gameplay, and the better Fighting stages, and the Ultimate Attacks we're still Epic. I Like The openworld adventure style story mode. you get to explore a lot too. It's fun. The Downside to Budokai 3 is that it's the most Difficult, and most Frustrating game in the series because it's really Difficult to get all the breakthroughs, and Unlock everything. It's just Unforgiving, and Time Consuming! Atari should've made it simple, but still challenging like in Budokai 2. Video games are supposed to be FUN not Frustrating. People who have played this game know where I'm coming from, and what I'm talking about, It makes you wanna give up after awhile if your not really that paitient, and one more thing is just I personally think they should have left the button mashing system for the ultimate attacks in Budokai 2. They just made it more complicated. I don't think it's that bad really, but I'm just saying though. That's just my own personal preferance. Some might agree, and some may Disagree. Take it for what it's worth. Overall I would rate this game about a 7. It's actually not a bad game. It's Fun, but thier's some problems, and some things that's missing. Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection still is a fun game that is still worth playing, and it is better than any of today's current generation Crappy Dragon Ball Z Games that have been coming out lately. They are terrible, but this game is not.