Is this game worth it?

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I am a huge Dragonball fan but I am unsure if I should buy this game. I just want to know if it's worth the buy or if I should just not bother with it.

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yeah these games are worth it, i have been looking forward to these games so long
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3 is worth playing if you never have, at this point 1 is defunct, although I'd say if you have a ps or wii tenkaichi 3 is the best dbz game on the market
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If you liked 3 it's worth it. 1 feels unplayable and modified. I remember having hours of fun with the first one, but the HD version every enemy tends to perma block. It's not worth doing the full combos because the opponents typically will block the beam portion of your combos (even if they are 'staggered' due to a previous strike)., where as it's impossible to do the same thing. So 1 feels like pit fighter to me to be honest.