Am I ever going to unlock Cell Jr or...

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Am I ever going to unlock the Cell Jr and the freading Cell games? Cuz god damn I've been playing the stupid Dragon arena for more than a month straight and the characters I need to break in for me to fight them never break in. Im playing with characters in the level im supposed to have them at but im running out of characters cuz almost all of them are already in their 40s from me fighting so much waiting for the "break in" characters to show up.


I had Budokai 3 back in 04 and I never had Cell Jr or the Cell games either, I just gave up after a year of trying. 


Now its the same sh*t with the HD collection.


Does anyone have Cell Jr and the Cell games? The hell am I doing wrong.

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I'm having the same problem with Saibaman. I've gone through at least 12 characters trying to unlock it and I just keep getting Dr. Gero breaking in.