Best Dragonball Z Game?

User Rating: 8.8 | Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 PS2
I just got this game today and the game is wayyyy better then i thought it would be. The graphics of the game ROCKKKK, its just awesome how it looks. The aura's around the people in the game look soo good, i love the way they made that. Dragon Univerise is really fun, you fly around, battle people, look for secret characters, and um..unlock capsules. Its a really fun game, you roam around the planets. The gameplay itself is a lot better then the pervious Budokai games. Some new things they added this year are the Hyper Mode, Teleport Counter, Power Struggles, theres more but i just cant name them right now, all these lil things give you a DBZ experience. They have so many new characters in this game its just crazy! They have Brolly, Cooler, Bardock and so many other new guys. The game is really good, i never thought it would be this good but it is, it didnt dissapoint me like it did the other 2 times. Very good dragonball z game, the best Dragonball Z game i ever played. Highly recommended. (I didnt want to write an essay i just wanted to get straight to the point.) This game DOES deserve the score that i gave it.