What had Potential to be one of the Best DBZ Games of this generation turns out to be rather Dissapointing

User Rating: 6 | Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z PS3

They did a Few things right in This game, but The Game is Lacking in certain areas. This isn't The worst DBZ Game I ever played, but it aint the best either. This game had a lot of Potential, and it was a step in the right direction, but this game is lacking. The Graphics for DBZ we're EPIC! The best DBZ Graphics I've ever seen on The PS3. A Rather different style of Graphics. I'm guessing this is due to having a New Developer, and this game was MODERATELY fun... at least till it gets Frustrating. One of the major Problems with The Game is it's Limited Combat. I appreciate the fact that the Combat system is new and fresh, and differant, but it's limited combat sucks the Fun out of The Gameplay. Each character has only like 3 Attacks, and lthe only alternatives are the Ki-blasts, and 1 Physical Combo attack. That's not very fun. Team battles Another problem is your able to choose the same character multiple times which is STUPID and makes the fight less interesting. If you wanted to, you can Pick 4 Goku's, or 4 Vegetas to face off against Frieza, or The Ginyu Force. and another thing they screwed up on was The Forms. You cannot Transform. In Fact, Each Form is seperated into Differant Characters, you woiuld have to Select Super Saiyan 1, and Super Saiyan 2 Goku as 2 Seperate Characters (and same with Everybody else with more than 1 Form), and they each have thier own set of attacks.The Story mode was very different, and unique, but the storylines/chapters we're just all over the place, and hardly matched the Plot, and Script of the actual story, and was once again missing out parts of the story, and sometimes you have to Kill certain ppl in a mission to start certain sequences, and ppl who weren't even Part of The Fight in the actual series. For Example: You we're able to choose Kid Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, and Vegeta to battle Bosses that they never Fought in the actual series. Kid Gohan should not be able to Fight Cell in The Cell games, and Teen Gohan could not be Unlocked until after you have Defeated cell with a "SS" Ranking, which does not make sense since it was actually Teen Gohan who Defeated Cell to begin with, and it also doesn't make sense that Maujin Buu (Fat Buu) can be unlocked by Defeating cell before the Maujin Buu Saga can even BEGIN! Maujin Buu, Fat Buu, and Dabura can be selevted to fight Gotenks in The Hyperbolic chamber which makes no sense since it was only Super Buu that Fought Gotenks. you don't even have to Fight Fat buu or even Play The Maujin buu saga to unlock him (which makes no sense), you can unlock Buu before you can even unlock Teen Gohan. Another Major problem with this game is No Offline Multiplayer. They have multiplayer ONLINE, but Not OFFLINE which is Stupid. This game may attract Players who love Melee games, and Online Fights though. Another thing that does not make sense is The fact that when your playing the Story ONLINE, You can Pick, and choose anybody you want (Heroes, or villains From ANY Saga), but Offline, you can't! One thing I Did like was The New Ultimate Attack system. It was a Major Step in The Right Direction. Only 8 Characters actually have Ultimate Attacks (Orginal Form Goku, Maujin Vegeta, Final Form Frieza, Perfect Cell, Teen Gohan, Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, and Kid Buu), but once you Perform the attacks Succesfully, you automatically win The Fight, but you have to equip a Jewel in order to Perform the Ultimate attack, and they cost a lot of Money (In-Game Currensy), and they can only be used one Time sicne they are so RARE, and The attacks are not easy to use, and are highly risky! If you fail to gather the Proper amount of energy to Fire the attack, or Fail the sequence, you automatically Drop Dead to the Floor. You Die, and lose a life (If one of your partners don't revive you quick enough), and these attacks are really hard to Perform, and the Ultimate attack system, in my eyes I Think needs more work. The ultimate attacks are not 100% adequate. Thier should be an Oppurtunity to Reverse, or Counter The Attacks. If Cell Fires a Deadly Warp Kamehameha Wave at me, I should have an oppurtunity to Reverse it with a Kamehameha or some other attack to resist, or reverse the attack so I won't be automatically screwed when he fires the attack at me. I Didn't Stick around Past The Maujin Buu saga. I got tired of Playing, Then I Traded the game in. The Limited Fighting Combat System, Lack of Offline Multiplayer, and an In-Adequate, and Ultimately Frustrating Storymode kinda sucks the Fun out of The game even though they did do a Few things right. I Don't consider this to be an awful game really, but it is not as Hype as it had the Potential to be. It's somewhat fun, and enjoyable, but is Lacking way too much. Don't expect too much. Some People may enjoy the game, and some People may not based on thier Preference.