Best DBZ title yet!

User Rating: 9 | Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z X360

Finally, a DBZ game thats in tune with the series! When you first watched DBZ the expectations for a video game came along with it. You would wonder how would they incorporate that action within the video game world. Well this is it. For a DBZ game, its great! Do not compare it to fighters or any other genre but its own franchise. Granted, the controls are simple enough and the depth of the story mode isn't too vast, but the gameplay as a DBZ game is amazing. The RPG element compliments the attributes of the anime characters which is a plus because it takes THINKING. The two things real gamers want is great gameplay, decent graphics, and a challenge. You will get a challenge trying to Soul Revive an entire team against a Ape Gohan. Give it a shot with the mindstate that its a DBZ title you can control and not compare it to Titanfall, Phantom Pain, and The Division