A game for Dragon Ball Z fans.

User Rating: 8 | Dragon Ball Kai: Saiyajin Raishuu DS
If you're a Dragon Ball Z fan like me, you'll surely love it. Story is well told here, as in Dragon Ball: Origins and there's no lack of substance. Even with all the conversation involved in the game, you don't lose a sight. It's like watching Dragon Ball Z on TV and interact in the episodes.

This game will take you back to the time where you used to play rpg games on your Super Famicon. That's how I feel when I play DBZ: Attack of Saiyans.

Fights are really cool! Really liked the cutscenes for the special moves. Sound effects are great, too. Great system of group attacks. I thought that it would be a short game, but the story is very well detailed here, I'm on chapter 8 after 5 hours of straight playing. Gaining experience to upgrade your stats points can be boring in another games, but not in this. You really want to keep going on and on to humiliate your enemies with your strong super-party or even in the parts that you play with one char.

Own this and kamehameha everybody.